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12 April

Fly your spaceship!


I see Earth. It is so beautiful!
— Yuri A. Gagarin, first words in space, lifted off, 12 April 1961

56 years ago, Yuri Gagarin was the 1st man to take off from planet Earth and fly in Cosmos. It took Vostok 1 108 minutes to travel around the Earth once, reaching a maximum height of 203 miles (327 km).

THE CHALLENGE? Fly your spaceship challenge dares you to calculate in how many days your speed monitor will display 17,500 mph and not only. We assure you that the SkillValue spaceship is especially equipped to reach the necessary velocity.

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES? Java, C#, PHP, C, C++, Ruby and Python.

Fly your spaceship!, dream big and don’t forget to share with us what your 1st words will be when you are off the planet. Embark now and Fly your spaceship!

10 April

Think math!


Math is everywhere. We use and apply it every day perhaps without even knowing it.

And because April is the Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, what a better occasion to celebrate them both than by launching Think Math!, a new coding competition.

THE CHALLENGE? A major impact of the probability theory on everyday life consists in risk assessment. Life is a very complex chain of events and almost everything can be imagined in terms of probabilities. This challenge will help you practice and enforce your probability knowledge.

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES? Java, C#, PHP, C, C++, Ruby and Python.

We know that mathematics is not about numbers, equations or algorithms but about understanding.

So, are you ready to Think math?

5 April

Challenges for Programmers Belgium


If you are always looking for a problem to solve by means of algorithms and code, we invite you to try Challenges for Programmers Belgium. An online hackathon designed to boost your algorithmic thinking and coding skills through witty coding exercises.


Well, you get to challenge and improve your skills, benchmark your tech knowledge against other programmers in Belgium and win cool prizes. Who’s in for this challenge?

Ready to join Challenges for Programmers Belgium?