Think math! or how to better understand the world

“Math isn’t confined to abstract incidents that never occur in real life, but rather touches everything we do—the whole world is shot through with it”
How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking,
Jordan Ellenberg

The quoted book made us reconsider once again mathematics and its implications in real life. Jordan Ellenberg conveys that, when having the tools of mathematics in hand, people can understand the world in a deeper, more meaningful way. And, let’s be honest: isn’t that what we all want in life? Understanding and solving puzzles are part of our DNA.

thinkmath_logo_blogInspired by “How not to be wrong” and the Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, we decided to declare our love for mathematics through the second coding competition launched in April: “Think math!”.

The main idea of the contest is to prove the link among mathematics, statistics and medicine. Every challenge has a story and the plot of this one is to help scientists in the decision making process and in predicting the probability of the vaccine being effective.

light-bulbHere is an important source of information regarding some basic rules (or formulas) to use when dealing with probabilities. You’ll also find there some hints on how to approach the algorithmic exercise from Think math!.

Knowledge in Java, C#, PHP, C, C++, Ruby and Python is a nice-to-have asset if you want to solve our exercise.


Your effort will be rewarded with a Raspberry Pi 3. We encourage you to further develop and experiment on your own projects.

join_now or declare your love for mathematics in the comments section below.

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