Challenges for programmers Slovak Republic – competition overview [Infographic]

It was a real pleasure for us to interact with almost 350 Slovak coders through Challenges for programmers Slovakia, the coding competition choreographed on They were curious, ambitious, opened to valuable feedback, tech-savvy. This little big country proved to have a love affair with Python, C++ and PHP. Those programing languages were preferred by the participants to solve the algorithms.

The winners are:

Student Category:
1st place – Jakub Mimlich
2nd place – Lubos Lahucky

Experienced Category:
1st place – Vladimír Bartošík
2nd place – Tomáš Pavlíček

Thank you again Slovakia for having us 🙂

In the infographic bellow, you’ll see a summary of what happened between August 17 and September 19.

summary slovak republic

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