Survival Gene Competition is now Open!

ITtestsOnline launched Survival Gene, a brand new competition for all you PHP, .NET and Java lovers out there.

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If algorithm is your second language, Survival Gene is the right place to challenge yourself and have fun with some nice missions set in a World of Genetics.

The central idea of this competition is that we are all machines created by our genes. The main character is the gene fighting for its survival by collecting days of survival with each mission solved.

The Absolute prize is online IMMORTALITY and a Fitbit Charge.

Things you should know before starting:

  • The Survival Gene competition has 3 levels: 1st Generation, 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation.
  • Each level has a limited number of missions with a different level of difficulty: 1st Generation (5 easy missions), 2nd Generation (3 medium missions) and 3rd Generation (3 difficult missions).
  • Each mission is time limited and can be solved in Java, PHP or .NET.
  • You can earn Immortality only if you accumulate at least the following number of survival days for each level: 10 survival days for the 1st Generation, 12 survival days for the 2nd Generation, and 18 survival days for the 3rd Generation.
  • Each mission is time limited and there is no option to pause. The remaining time is similar dnadisplayed in the exercise description.
  • Before starting a mission you should choose your programming language. You can switch to other programming language during the exercise, but your solution will be lost.
  • Compile your solution to see if it passes the functional tests. Running your solution will help you avoid mistakes, but it will influence your score.
  • If your solution is ok, click finish and wait for the calculation of your result.

You are now ready to start playing in the Survival Gene competition.

Remember: each solved mission brings you closer to winning your online Immortality and a Fitbit Charge!

So, push your limits online and offline πŸ™‚


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