Android review

Due to the connected devices mobile apps will have a significant increase. Android is one of the most used technologies in this world of connected devices, so let’s look at this a mobile review on Android:

10 things you should know about Android:

In order to develop an Android application, you need to install an SDK. A little video to understand it better:

If you don’t have an Android mobile device, you can use Emulators. In this article you have the 5 bests emulators for Windows 


Our selection of Android  tutorials. A basic knowledge of Java programming is required.
A. How to develop your first app in Android:
B. Nice tutorials in order to understand more about Android:
C. How to become an Android expert:


Now, let see if you are a champion in Android, try this quiz on ITtests Online Platform! If you score over 75%, you can receive a CLASS A CERTIFICATE!

Android question

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