The most popular IT quizzes in April 2016

It’s hard to imagine, but there was once a time when all our tops were invaded by Java tests. Now it seems that PHP and Android have taken their place. We are curious to see who will have the last laugh by the end of 2016.

top_april_itoandroid testsAccording to, Android has 1.4 billion 30-day active users globally and due to its popularity, the community has placed the Android medium level quiz on the 1st position.


php_roundphp_simfony_roundThis month, PHP, the programming language that is available on all major hosting providers and  preferred by Facebook, Yahoo and Youtube, is proudly represented in top 5 by 2 of our tests:  PHP 5.6 and PHP Symfony 2.x.


it_quiz_roundOur favorite no. 3, the IT General Knowledge Quiz, has aroused the curiosity of 400 IT professionals from 60 countries and helped them discover interesting things on how the digital has changed the world and our way of thinking.


math_roundAnd last but not least, our no. 5, the Math and Logic quiz, functions like a time machine as it asks you to go back in time and remember some of the high school math problems we all loved… and which are still haunting us in everyday life. Now it’s time to reopen that math love box, prove yourself that you are still a brainiac and score 20/20.

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