The most popular IT tests on in Romania and Moldova

Launched in 2009, enables thousands of developers in the whole world to assess their IT skills in all types of programming languages.

Due to the increasing number of developers assessed on our testing platforms, we now have more visibility on the IT market in different countries. How can this help us? First of all, we can create a top of preferences in terms of technology, and also deliver an overview of their technical level quality: main technologies, average scores or by city and future technologies.

With emphasis on data that can help you get the bigger picture, we share a series of insights on how tech professionals from the following countries are ranked in the global IT community.

The related articles and market studies will be released according to the following timetable:

  • October 2015: France, Romania and Moldova
  • November 2015: Tunisia, Vietnam
  • December 2015: Morocco, India

The plan for the next year will be announced in January 2016 when we unveil new overviews of the IT market all over the world.

We continue to share our insights on the developers’ technical level in Romania and Moldova.

If you want to discover more about our in-house statistics and get the full detailed report, please contact us at Check out our first report here.

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