Challenges for programmers in France – competition overview [Infographic]

Between 23rd of September and 7th of October, we team up with Salon Les Jeudis from France and ran Challenges for programmers France. 8 challenges designed for coders, system administrators and marketers.

There were 269 unique participants and 8 of them won the Parrot drone and the 3D glasses.

  • AlgoPlay: Loïc Thomas
  • Android: Briand Lionel
  • iOS: Sebastien Gohier
  • Frontend: Tristan Combret
  • Database: Jeremie Thibault
  • Windows: Pierre-Marie Gruson
  • Linux: Vincent Lepot
  • Digital Marketing: Sylvain Dufour

Congrats and let’s discover more in the infographic below:


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