For the love of code – competition overview [Infographic]

Well, we know that you must add some love in everything you do and surely the joy will come. Coding is not an exception. You cannot be creative if you don’t get attached to your project and you don’t find it meaningful. You cannot code if you are not crazy about solving present problems for a brighter future.

Well, that’s why we launched “For the love of code” coding competition and over 190 developers from UK and USA proved that we are not wrong. Code is lovable.

Check out the competition’s overview:
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One thought on “For the love of code – competition overview [Infographic]

  1. Infographic Post

    Infographics can be a good substitute for your blog and other posts that are full of words. Online users would prefer to see images and we have to accept that. This coding competition is really great.

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