C++, Mobile, Java quizzes share the top 5 most popular IT tests in September

Wow… that was quick. Time flies when we are having fun and we sure did have a lot of it in September. 4 online competitions ran in France, Ireland and worldwide: Jeux de rimesCode like a pirate, Challenges for programmers France and Ireland.

In September, over 1 500 coders chose to test their skills on ittestsonline.com with an average of 2 quizzes per user.


The C++ and Mobile technologies share the same top 5 most popular IT tests with Java. The C++ beginner level test was evaluated by programmers as being quite interesting and some of them even said that it covers some middle-level features of this language, while the C++ medium level quiz was ranked in the “advanced” category. What do you think about it? We’d really love to hear your opinion on these 2 tests’ questions.

The Java SE 7 medium level quiz is among the most popular tests each month. Its topics, control flow statements, literals, type inference for generic instance creation, try-with-resources statement, catching multiple exception types and re throwing exceptions with improved type checking made Java programmers say that it is a good test to put your Java skills to test and see just how familiar you are with the new SE 7 features and enhancements.

Mobile might be the king in the digital era, but in our top, the Android & iOS tests are featured on the last 2 positions. Google released Android 1.0 eight years ago, on September 23. Today, this mobile operating system owns more than 80% of the smartphone market around the world. In its turn, iOS is 9 years old and has never ceased to offer an interesting & different experience to its users.

Until next month, we wish you amazing coding experiences.

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