Drupal – new entry in Top 5 most popular quizzes in December

Winter months, and December in particular, are a great time to catch up on the latest coding competitions and win the coolest prices. This is what actually happened on the skillvalue.com platform at the end of the last year, when we registered the highest volume of activity on quizzes and algorithms. Not to mention our 2 online coding competitions, “Write your first code letter to Santa” and “Challenges for Programmers – Greece”, which brought the engagement rate to a totally new level.

More than 1 900 technical quizzes were solved. Coders from Romania, France and India proved to be the most curious ones and their choices are reflected in the top 5 IT quizzes in December.


Java, our no. 1, is technically speaking one of the best software platforms regardless of its size. No one can deny that Java is stable and perfect for complex projects.
The Java SE 7 medium level quiz has 15 questions that have to be solved in 20 minutes.

Question sample:


See the rest of the questions here.

SQL, the programming language that every digital professional is expected to know, has 2 important parts to focus on when learning it: syntax and database design on the one hand, and data modeling on the other hand. This is so beautifully explained in this article.

We invite you to take SQL medium level quiz.

Once you start to solve it you will discover topics such as database manipulation language, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE statements, logical operators, clauses, indexes, functions, transactions, etc…

The C++ beginner level quiz, 15 questions in 15 minutes. The average result for this test is 7/15. “With the rise of Virtual Reality, C++ developers will be needed to develop the most visually amazing VR apps, so in that aspect, C++ has a pretty bright future.” True fact found here. You can also take the quiz.

The .NET C# 4.0 Developer medium level quiz, especially designed for intermediate and experienced .NET developers. This test will offer you a quick glance at LINQ, Threads, Collections, OOP principles and Data Types.

Question sample:

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the first time that the Drupal 7.0 medium level quiz has joined our top 5. Drupal is flexible and powerful. You can create effective and unique solutions if you have complex, highly customized sites that require scalability and large amounts of content to be organized. Plus, the Drupal community is always there to help you meet your needs.

We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us. We hope for more fun exercises and interesting experiences from which we can learn together.

We wish you all an excellent 2017!

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