Top 5 most popular IT tests in January

The 1st month of the year gathered on the platform almost 2000 coders who took over 3000 quizzes. It’s one of the best results registered up to now. Maybe we can “blame” the New Year’s resolutions for that: learning more and improving one’s programming skills being just a few of them.

top_sv_janvierJava plays an important role in IT&C community and remains our no.1 as the Java SE 7 medium level quiz occupies the 1st position in our top 5. On the second place, the Software Testing medium level quiz, ISTQB oriented, was received with arms wide open by the community. The JavaScript medium level test reserved itself the 3rd place. Have you heard that Microsoft has released a set of tools to quickly generate JavaScript-based web applications using their .NET new tool and Node.js? The PHP 5.6 medium level quiz is getting ready to close the top 5 and we find the C# 4.0 medium level quiz on the last place.

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