100% of our Cybersecurity Consultants are Selected by our CTOs

Skillvalue, together with its recruitment team, must ensure that the cybersecurity consultant has all the desired skills and qualities that would meet the customer’s requirements.

#1 recruitment = 1 committed CTO from SkillValue

Before selecting the consultant, the chief technology officer conducts a profound evaluation of the candidate’s technical and interpersonal skills. Also, the candidate goes through thorough tests and interviews to select the best candidate for the cybersecurity consultant position. To achieve this task, the CTO has the vast technical knowledge and great experience in the recruitment of freelancers. Every business should have certified Cybersecurity consultants.

The selected Cybersecurity consultant should fathom and master computer and telecommunication systems and networks. He/she should have the most basic skills, such as architecture, OS, protocols, and programming. The Cybersecurity consultant should also be conversant with some market standards.

#Choosing a competent Freelance Cybersecurity Consultant

Once the right cybersecurity consultant selected by the SkuillValue CTO comes on board, he/she should portray integrity and high sense of ethics. The consultant should be aware of the sensitivity of the business information and ensure it is protected from hackers and unauthorized persons.

Secondly, the consultant should carry out a comprehensive audit of the IS, to detect whether there are any technical or human breaches or any other risks. After doing the IS audit, the cybersecurity consultant should come up with remedies to counteract all security susceptibilities, whether at the site or application level, to prevent future computer attacks.

To guarantee maximum security of the IS, the cybersecurity consultant should be able to predict all possible risks that can compromise the safety of the IS. He/ she should come up with a solution to avoiding these risks.

A cybersecurity consultant freelance should be able to work under pressure and think logically despite the situation, and also be able to provide a rational solution. He/she should be informed and at par with the fast-growing technology to increase the security of the company along with enlightening all employees on computer security every day. Computer security education among employees is vital as it helps the business-sensitive information to remain confidential.

Only Certified Freelance Cybersecurity Consultants

Our team of experts in recruitment alongside our skilled CTO will make sure that freelancer’s qualities & skills perfectly match your needs!

The cybersecurity consultant must understand and master computer and telecommunication systems and networks. Architecture, OS, protocols, databases and programming are part of his technical skills. A candidate willing to get this position must be able to perform an audit, set up a security management system and know the market standards like ISO / IEC 270001.

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