100% of our freelance Front-End developers are selected by our CTOs


To ensure the right combination of tech skillsets you require from your Front-End development specialists, we measure the candidates’ knowledge and hands-on experience in frameworks and technologies such as: React.js, Vue.js, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and more.

Then, our CTOs match developers to projects according to their skill level and fit, ensuring you have a strategic partner with the most appropriate hard & soft skills at the center of your technical and business challenges.

Only certified Freelance Front-End developers


SkillValue relies on a SaaS platform of more than 500 technical evaluation tests (coding exercises, quizzes, and online hackathons) to test and certify Front-End Developer skills.

Do More, Better

Already working with Front-End Developers? We also offer a database of ready-to-use tech skill assessment tests to make sure you’re training and working with the best. Put your test together on your own as a SmartQuiz or choose from one of ours.

How much does a freelance Front-End Developer cost in 2019?


The average daily rate of a freelance Front-End Developer is €510. This rate is likely to be reviewed according to the level of expertise and technical abilities of the developer. SkillValue applies an additional 15% commission to the average daily rate of the freelance Front-End Developer.


Level of experience ADR of Front-end developer
0-2 years €290
2-4 years €380
4-7 years €450
7+ years €515


Want to compare the price of a freelance Front-End project with the prices of Front-End outsourcing? Ask for the price list here.

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