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What profiles can SkillValue provide?

Nowadays the market can be filled with dishonest engineers, who claim to have the skillset you need, thus swindling business owners of their hard-earned cash. They make plenty of promises, yet when it comes to delivering them, none of them is kept. SkillValue is the company that is committed to saving you from such unfortunate incidents. We have hundreds of freelance SecOps engineers in our database, with several speciality levels.

We have a team CTO to help you!

All of our freelance SecOps engineers are chosen through a rigorous process. We have a team of CTOs are who test and evaluate the engineers, by creating tests and coding exercises that measure their competencies. Also, through the SaaS platform, we filter out irrelevant applications, leaving only those who have the needed skills.

In the assessments ran by our CTOs, there are included languages such as Java, Linux, and Python as well as communication skills. Other skills include cybersecurity, Microsoft Azure, threat modelling, vulnerability management, endpoint protection, and teamwork. This way, we make sure that the freelance SecOps engineer understands the business processes when developing a transparent platform to handle operation issues without compromising security.

How much does a Freelance SecOps Engineer cost in UK 2019


freelance developersWhen you choose to hire a SkillValue a freelance SecOps engineer, their cost rates are usually based on their level of experience. Because of this, we have a wide variety of developers, with a wide range of experience.


freelance developersJuniors have an average daily rate of £152, while senior can go up to £355. These are the standard rates for hiring SecOps engineers in the UK.

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To make sure you have access only to the most suitable freelance SecOps engineer, our CTOs need to understand your needs. Therefore, we encourage you to fill out the form below with details regarding your project. Afterwards, one of our colleagues from the Customer Experience Journey will contact you and help you in your process.