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You know better than anyone else does: IT projects are time-sensitive. Assessing your developers’ competence during recruitment is crucial for the success of any project.

SkillValue, a SaaS recruitment solution, allows you to pre-emptively test candidate skill to determine their fit with your project. With an easy to use, cheatproof and fully customizable API, with more than 500 IT tests, candidates can take timed MCQs and coding exercises with a large number of Java-related questions. Automatic validation ensures a fast response when the result of the tested Java developer is ready, allowing you quick turnaround.


Assessed Skills Experience Number of questions Test Duration
Java Test Beginner 20 20 minutes
Java SE Test Intermediate 20 30 minutes

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Our Rich and Relevant Tech Stack

SkillValue’s Java tests make it possible for you to evaluate a candidate’s back-end & front-end Java skillset: OOP, Webservices, EJB, IoC, etc., in addition to other common tools and frameworks like Spring, Maven, Git, log4j, and others.

A turnkey solution, SkillValue allows you to test junior, intermediate or senior developers for their respective skill levels. You can customize these depending on your own technical needs to ensure you’ll find the best talent for your project.

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We assess Java skills with multiple-choice and timed technical tests continuously adapted to market conditions.


We also offer you the option to personalize your tests via our SmartQuiz feature, to test field-specific knowledge and skill.


Our IT recruitment experts are also on call to further assist on these matters. Testing Java developers has never been so easy.

61 Java tests available

30,000+ questions to build your SmartQuiz

+250K technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

37,000 candidates tested in Java


SkillValue is a powerful and effective tool for evaluating Java developers. The ease of using the product and the quick feedback it enables will help you overcome your specific HR challenges. Our tests allow a reliable evaluation of any type of Java developer, whatever their experience and specialization.


You can also use SkillValue to evaluate the technical skills of your employees, to measure the effectiveness of specific training sessions or to perform a team building activity by organizing a hackathon in your company.

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