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Regardless of company size, every recruiter needing JavaScript tech skillsets wants to recruit the best JavaScript developers. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do this sustainably without losing hours in research and maintenance. And, all too often, it’s hard to get both quality talent, and quality talent that can hit the ground running.

SkillValue is the solution to your recruiting problem. With SkillValue, you can evaluate your future employees’ JavaScript skills through a variety of tests tailored to all skill levels. Use our JavaScript quizzes, coding exercises, or hackathons to evaluate talent as much as you need, when you need. SkillValue quickly evaluates technical skills of any JavaScript developer, regardless of location.

Assessed Skills Experience Number of questions Test Duration
JavaScript ES6 Medium Level 20 20 minutes
Angular 5 Medium Level 20 20 minutes
React.js Medium Level 20 20 minutes
Electron Medium Level 20 20 minutes

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Our Rich and Relevant Tech Stack


SkillValue’s SaaS platform allows you to evaluate JavaScript development recruits on various and specific skillsets, depending on the profile you need. We test the following:

  • Front-end development with React, Angular or Vue.js;
  • Back-end development with Node.js and pure JavaScript;
  • Mobile app development with ReactNative or Ionic;
  • JS scripting for testing or DevOps and more.

SkillValue’s IT recruitment specialists maintain the utmost level of quality. We work with technical experts to update the tests offered on the platform on a regular basis, keeping test parameters up-to-date with the latest technical developments.

JavaScriptAngular JSReact JS Vue JSNode JS




We’re so committed to helping you focus fully on coding out your digital product. That’s why the SkillValue platform automates your recruitment process. Thanks to our base of regularly updated tests, we evaluate back-end, front-end or full-stack JavaScript development skills for you.


If you target a precise combination of development skills, custom-build your own SmartQuiz by mixing the quizzes available and start assessing candidates right away.


Need a JavaScript developer immediately and still haven’t found the right match? You can count on SkillValue. Our IT recruitment specialists can help you hire it. We have over 5,000 JavaScript developers in our talent pool who have already assessed their tech skills on the SkilValue platform.



4 JavaScript tests available

Over 30,000 questions to create your SmartQuiz

Over 250,000 technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

5,475 candidates tested in JavaScript


Assessing JavaScript developers through the SkillValue platform can go beyond the main purpose of hiring new tech specialists to join your team.


You can use our SaaS platform to monitor the progress your in-house developers, measure their skills periodically and compare their results either internally or against the community. This will help you identify real needs and set up relevant action plans.


If you decide to schedule some training sessions to help your team level up, you can use the SkillValue assessment platform to check for improvement. Our JavaScript tests are available at various difficulty levels.


Also, feel free to use our tests to further engage your tech community or start building it from zero to hero!

Assess your JavaScript candidates 

Test the progress of your own JavaScript developers

Measure the effectiveness of your JavaScript trainings

Engage with your tech community


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