Project Outline


Client based in Strasbourg, Alsace region, France

Client Business

Creator of an Agile and Secure Workspace for your Teams

Project Type

Full-time JavaScript recruitment of 2 Developers


Skill evaluation

About the Client

Atolia is a SaaS platform that offers users an all-in-one app built to ease communication and increase productivity of teams.

Their platform has three main focuses:

  • Swift collaboration via instant messaging
  • Better Organization through shared calendars
  • Project Management

In 2019, Atolia raised 700,000 euros in funds to facilitate development of their product throughout Europe.

Collaborating with SkillValue

The Challenge

Atolia kicked off their JavaScript recruitment with a search for 2 developers in Strasbourg to support their European expansion and boost their technical team. The challenge came in recruiting experts who would be available to start immediately.

This, coupled with the difficulty of screening qualified candidates effectively – Atolia’s CTO decided to contact SkillValue. Their mission was to evaluate candidates using technical tests to gauge hard skills and knowledge of JavaScript.

The Solution

After taking advantage of a free trial membership, Atolia’s CTO signed up for SkillValue’s “Starter” package, which is free for start-ups like themselves. This subscription allows up to 20 monthly technical tests to be sent to applicants.

Our clients also activated SkillValue’s “Campaign” feature – giving them access to a series of quizzes selected from a catalog of  600+ technical tests, sent directly to selected candidates upon request.

Atolia used tests from both our French and English catalogs, notably in Front-End development. This helped them gauge their candidates’ language skills and facilitate smooth communication throughout all their active markets – a must for any cross cultural business.

Aline, SkillValue Key Account Manager, worked alongside our client to manage all testing campaigns ran successfully.

The Results

Throughout the entire recruitment campaign, Atolia sent approximately 20 Front-End tests to 5 different candidates. More specifically, the client used Front-End, JavaScript, Vue.JS, Node.JS and React quizzes, with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to medium.

After the tests were sent, Atolia’s CTO received direct reports detailing the candidates’ results. With these reports, he was able to make compare his own applicants’ scores with other developers in the SkillValue community who took the same tests – ranking the applicant in the higher score range.

These tests allowed our client to objectively source and screen candidates who worked with Atolia’s tech stack and were available to start the project right away.

Following the technical tests, their CTO interviewed a shortlist of candidates, and found the right fit for the project and for Atolia.

Alongside SkillValue, Atolia carried out a successful JavaScript recruitment of 2 developers, in just 2 months.

Technical Environment:

– JavaScript
– Vue.JS
– Node.JS
– React

Client Experience

This is what the client would take away from product development:

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