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Challenges for programmers Slovak Republic – competition overview [Infographic]

It was a real pleasure for us to interact with almost 350 Slovak coders through Challenges for programmers Slovakia, the coding competition choreographed on They were curious, ambitious, opened to valuable feedback, tech-savvy. This little big country proved to have a love affair with Python, C++ and PHP. Those programing languages were preferred by […]

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Challenges for Programmers Switzerland – competition overview [infographic]

Challenges for Programmers Switzerland is all about programming. Centered on algorithmic thinking and your ability to solve problems, the coding competition organized for the 1st time in Switzerland, gathered over 100 talented programmers. Switzerland was the 12th host of this challenge who travels across Europe. Let’s see how the Swiss coders enjoyed the competition:  

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Fly your spaceship! by means of code

We are naturally fascinated by space. Why? Because it’s about exploring the unknown, something that we, as humans, have in common. Mankind has dreamed about spaceflight since antiquity but only in the mid-20th century did the first man take off from planet Earth to explore the space. And that man was: Yuri Gagarin. If you are wondering […]

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