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An AI Based HR Startup Reached Out to SkillValue to Help with Tech Recruitment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as the world descended into fear and concern of the unknown, one French HR software vendor reigned supreme and focused on tech recruitment to scale up their product.

Having successfully raised €3M in their Seed round, our client looks to tackle the HR industry through three models: employee commitment & loyalty, simplification & fluidity of mobility, and alignment of employee skills with the company’s strategy.

The objective was to help our client grow their talent and skills management platform in a cost-effective and timely manner. Through SkillValue’s technology recruitment platform, our subject-matter-experts were able to pre-screen candidates. With Skillvalue’s history of helping build and scale leading software vendors within EMEA, our client’s CTO took an instant liking to our history and service offering.

Housing more than 30,000 freelancers on our database and a wider attracting audience from Solutions RH events, our experts set off – 1 week later three senior full-stack developers started work; on the grounds of their technical ability, cultural fit and values of a company – all assessed through the SkillValue platform. Two weeks later and impressed by our service, our client returned asking for four additional freelancers comprising 2 full-stack developers, 1 data engineer, and 1 product manager.

The four full-stack developers covered a classical tech stack composed of PHP Symfony, JavaScript, and MySQL. Upon placements of seven freelancers, the newly formed team started work on the development of a new chart module and company chat bot.

Assessing Freelancers with SkillValue’s Tech Recruitment Process

SkillValue’s tech recruitment process is simple but rigorous. With our database of freelancers, recruiters put all candidates through our multiple stage process to ensure that, what we presented to our clients were suitable freelancers. With the aid of our proprietary assessment test our subject-matter-experts were able to highlight more than just technical ability but cultural fit/values to that role.

Besides technical ability of the freelancers, SkillValue also accesses candidates’ soft-skills – ensuring that they are reliable and efficient when working in their cohort. Therefore, the clients receive a shortlist of selected profiles to choose from, which makes the process really fast.

In this specific case, the client was so satisfied with the quality of the service that he integrated SkillValue’s freelance and assessment solutions API on its platform.

If you’d like to work with a freelancer, SkillValue is offering a 1 free week of service within our tech or marketing freelancers – of your choice. For projects lasting longer than 2 months, SkillValue will offer 1 week of free tech recruitment service for every 2 months contracted.

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