Hadoop review

According to the general buzzflow, Hadoop leads the way as the technology of choice to implement Big Data solutions (Hadoop and all its stack – Mahout, Pig/Hive, etc.).

What do you think? What is your favorite Big Data technology?

From a strict technology point of view, Talend (the ETL Open Source software tool) is becoming a major actor in the BigData community. And let’s not forget Storm.
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Big Data is not about technology, but rather about Data and Information, math and all that kind of stuff.

The profile of a data scientist emerges but the skills are more statistics and machine-learning oriented so that the R language and frameworks such as Weka are interesting to learn. IBM narrows down the Big Data skills gap by partnering with more than 1 000 world universities.


How to integrate Hadoop and MongoDB, Big Data’s two most popular technologies?

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