Bringo – the “uberization” of shopping

It is becoming common for start-ups to claim that they are “uberizing” a certain field of activity. The auto-correct function does not yet recognize the verb in English, but just like the term “Googling” for information, “uberizing” might soon enter the vocabulary, because there is a solid promise of value in it.

The “uberization” of a domain of activity means that the end-user (the consumer), as well as the supplier and the deliverer – in some instances, all leverage the benefits of a digital service platform.

And it’s a huge thing for us at SkillValue to support companies who are doing just that: delivering higher value to all parties involved in a transaction. Having created opportunities for developers, leaders in the tech domain, digital marketers, product owners and companies or organizations seeking expert support, we are now embarking on a new adventure: recruiting a CEO for an amazing start-up based in Bucharest, Romania: Bringo.

Bringo is the first mobile platform in the Eastern Europe, that helps you find a professional assistant that will shop the products you want and deliver them to your place in a short period of time.

Besides the hype associated with the launch of this app late 2015, by the famous Romanian studio Ascend Netsolutions, there is now a growing business with a real promise of changing the classic “brick & mortar” model of the retail sector. Bringo has extended its network of merchant partners as well as its “shopping assistants” team and there is an opportunity to do so much more!

Bringo have thought global and started local. The future CEO of Bringo will develop a strategy allowing the company to have an important national and then regional reach, while keeping an eye on ensuring a fluid and impeccable user experience, both in-app and in the live interaction with the shopping assistants.

If you have an eye for details, a passion for making life easier for those around you and a strong background in mobile app development & marketing, we should talk. And what better way to open a conversation than a set of questions allowing you to gain more insight into Bringo’s business cases and challenges.

You can check it out here and don’t forget to tell us what you think about Bringo and their promise of value!