Time to learn – Android programming language

We are in an era of mobile development, and we have a lot of developers who asked us about an Android Time to learn.

Let’s take a first step and start with a short description of Android.

Android is an open source operating system based on Linux kernel, developed by Google. It is designed for mobile touchscreen devices such as: smartphones and tablets or Android TV and Android Auto. Android is currently at version 5.0 – Lollipop.

Android is based on Java programming language, so if you already have experience with Java, learning Android will be really fun 🙂

If you are an absolute beginner in Java programming, you should first of all have an understanding of this programming language and its concepts used in Android programming. Afterwards, it will be really easy for you to quickly learn Android development. You can find below some resourceful websites to guide your study:

Furthermore, Java Object Oriented concepts such as: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance are key notions in learning Android development. You can find additional information on Oracle’s website.

Also this tutorial will walk you through the core concepts of OOP programming.

In addition, basic knowledge in XML will also be helpful. XML is a markup language, not a programming language, so it should take you a day to know more about it.

So let’s keep going. Now you are ready to dive into Android programming.

You should first of all set up Eclipse and Android SDK. You need to download Android Studio and the latest SDK tools.

After installing them, this tutorial will help you write your first Android application, which is, of course, a “Hello World” one 🙂

Moreover, this tutorial will help you build your app in 6 steps.

The official Android website you will provide you with a complete guide which will help you build nice applications.

The following tutorials will also be really helpful for you – 200 tutorials about Android development.