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SkillValue: A Community Service to UK Developers

Elevating the Community

Part of SkillValue’s main value proposition to prospective community members in the UK is the number of events and recreational technical activities members gain access to once they join. Collaboration is the source from which SkillValue derives profit, value, and partnership from and with major tech companies and various startups around the world. Meeting and interacting with owners of SMBs and startups, in addition, allows SkillValue to expand its services to owners of businesses of all types and sizes. This, in turn, increases the number of opportunities UK-based SkillValue community members gain to advance, support, and head projects all over the world. From the UK, SkillValue will serve more businesses than ever before.

Beyond Freelancing

Our success has put SkillValue in the position to be able to bring more than just freelancing opportunities to the UK. Across the world, millions of business owners need technical talent, and many of them simply can’t afford US prices. That’s why, this season, SkillValue will be bringing outsourcing services to the UK via parent company Pentalog, giving UK business access to SkillValue’s 300,000-member community of developers, data scientists, and more. SkillValue will allow businesses in the UK to outsource tech talent from Moldova, Romania, Vietnam and Mexico, which will help Pentalog offer services it has long offered in multiple countries across the globe.

From Assessment to Digital Marketing

SkillValue’s record of assessing and ranking developers in Eastern Europe is now being done on a global scale, and the UK is no exception. Yet that’s not all: in the UK, SkillValue will also offer clients digital marketing services as a part of Pentalog Group, helping UK businesses understand their current scope of marketing-related work, identify their main goals and problems, test solutions to those problems, and chart out ways forward. In addition, there will be overlap between these services and SkillValue’s, allowing developers to elect for digital marketing work that involves coding, and vice-versa.

Going Forward

As I write, there are over 700 freelancers ready to work on the UK market at SkillValue. This is a testament to the attractiveness of the UK’s robust tech ecosystem and the value of the problems that it brings to bear. For the UK to become a major tech outsourcing hub, its businesses will need to hire more talent from overseas through platforms like SkillValue – engage communities in open-source tech challenges online and offline. At SkillValue, we’ve gamified the assessment process, and it’s made all the difference in adding members to our community and matching them to challenging projects from top companies. We’ve also grown tremendously in the past year, and our expansion into the UK is an outgrowth of that. We are ecstatic to work with the UK developer community to catalyze novel approaches to building digital products across key UK industries, solve problems with excellent code, and bring the talent needed to make these things happen.

If you like what you hear, visit our page and get involved with SkillValue today.