The most popular IT quizzes in January 2016

Starting with this year, we plan to keep you posted on what are the most popular quizzes on our platform each month.

In January 2016, the most accessed quizzes were:


The most popular quiz in January has offered us more insights on what people would like to be involved in.

This general IT knowledge quiz was specially designed as a first step for us to gain more awareness on how computer and software have been part of our lives for the past 150 years. Its last question asks for suggestions of any NGO or particular cause people would like to support. After analyzing some of our first answers, we have found out that education and learning initiatives and also helping people start a career in the IT industry are highly important topics among users.

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We also invite you to learn more about our codeforlife hackathon that will take place from April 8th 2016 (16:00 PM) until April 10th 2016 (16:00 PM).