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Save time in your recruitment process with coding tests

Interviewing a developer who is not the expert he pretends to be is a waste of time. Test01Coder's coding exercises enable recruiters to assess software engineers on real cases. Test01Coder tells you if their code is clean and consistent! Moreover, you will impress your candidates with a fair and efficient recruitment process.

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Main features of online coding exercises

  • Ready to use cloud-based development tools: your candidate can code immediately
  • Coding exercises based on real cases, like add a function on an already existing project
  • Developer's friendly: usual settings available (24 themes, 9 font sizes, highlight active line, indent guides, wrap lines...)
  • When your candidate has finished, code is compiled and you can run the application!
  • Instant analysis of quality of code based on Jenkins: coding standards, semantic errors, copy paste, possible bugs, unused methods, parameters, properties...
  • Plug-in used for code analysis: PHP Depend, Code Sniffer, CPD Copy Paste Detector, Mess Detector

IT assessment
Coding exercises are available for the following programming skills:

  • PHP projects with classes of objects (OOP)
  • Non-OOP PHP
  • JavaServer Faces JSF

More coding exercises coming soon!

Pre-employment testing: Test your coders with Test01Coder's online development tool. Instant analysis of code quality!

How does it work?

  1. Create a recruiter's account
  2. Receive by mail you secured recruiter's access to your Online IT Assessment Center
  3. Log in and choose the Coding Exercises (3 credits) and IT Quiz (1credit) according to the skills you wish to test
  4. Send out e-mail invitations to the candidates you want to assess. You will be provided with unique and secure web addresses (URL) where each test can be found. Automatic e-mail reminders.
  5. Your candidate receives also by mail an instruction manual with description of the coding project. All he/she has to do is to log in the online development environment, code, compile, test, debug and finish the exercise.
  6. Once the test is passed, each candidate receives automatically his or her score and a brief test report.
  7. Recruiter gets automatic result notification. Access to a range of reports and candidate benchmark.

1 coding exercises costs 3 credits.
1 IT quiz costs 1

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