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Computer skills Assessment

Computer skills test

7 tests

15 to 40 questions

10' to 20'



Computer Skills Quizzes and IT Expertise Tests

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Assess your candidates' and collaborators' Computer skills and IT expertise

These Computer skills test and IT expertise tests are meant to assess your applicants' basic IT expertise and general knowledge in order to give you more insights into their level.
The Test01Coder catalog consists of basic-IT expertise tests, including OOP tests, algorithm tests, and logic tests.
The tests include 15 to 40 multiple choice questions to be answered within 10 to 20 minutes

Levels of MCQ available: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
These IT tests have been designed for both beginners and experienced developers.
The basic IT expertise tests also allow you to assess developers who design computer applications (design, maintenance).

Tests in Computer skills Assessment Category

Name Language Questions Timing Level
Skills medium level test fr 40 20'
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IQ medium level test fr 40 20'
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Logical Reasoning medium level test fr 40 20'
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Algorithm medium level test fr 15 10'
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POO beginner level test fr 15 10'
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How to assess potential programmers in less than 15' minutes?

  • Create an account and activate your Test01Coder subscription (for instance) 
  • Log in on your Test01Coder online IT assessment platform
  • Send out e-mail invitations from the platform to the candidates you want to assess
  • Online progress scoreboard: you're just one click away from sending reminders to the candidates who have not yet taken their tests
  • Once the test is finished, each candidate receives his or her evaluation report automatically
  • You can even download the global report which ranks each candidate in the average score range. This way, you pre-qualify more quickly your future collaborators thanks to Test01Coder!

Why assess your candidates with an IT knowledge test?

IT profiles recruitment is usually a complex process. The basic IT expertise test is essential for the recruitment process or in your collaborators' annual performance evaluation. Test01Coder was designed to help you automatically assess the candidates' IT skills: mobile application and web interface development, databases, graphics and design, .Net, C#, C++, PHP, Java frameworks...

Test01Coder Benefits :

  • Possibility to customize the tests content by adding your own questions or by creating new tests on demand
  • Easy to use, no need to download or install
  • Certify your collaborators' IT skills
  • Practical approach to programming topics

If you want your candidates to take this type of tests and assess their skills automatically, register on our site

Also check the OOP tests and the Java tests and J2EE tests.

Computer skills test
15 to 40 questions questions
10' to 20' minutes

New tests available

20 questions
25 minutes
20 questions
25 minutes
22 questions
40 minutes
24 questions
40 minutes
24 questions
40 minutes
MySQL Development
20 questions
20 minutes

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