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Discover the new features of our SkillValue HR application

The Test01Coder HR application is a web application designed especially for IT recruitment professionals. Test01Coder allows you to automatically assess your candidates’ IT skills. To access an IT recruitment test for free, create an account.

What’s so special about our platform? It enables you to both quickly spot the best candidates and organize IT recruitment challenges with online tests or develop your IT employer brand.

The IT tests catalog available on Test01Coder counts more than 400 MCQ quizzes on the main programming languages and online coding exercises (see What are Test01Coder’s credits and Test01Coder IT assessment subscription).

See below the new features that have been recently added to the Test01Coder platform, especially designed to help you choose among your IT recruitment profiles.


In order to offer you a more dynamic method of testing your candidates, but also to increase the security level of our tests, we launched SmartQuiz, a module that gathers all the questions in our catalog's database, giving you the possibility to generate your own quiz by selecting the number of questions, the difficulty level and the skills that need to be evaluated by the test.

Smartquiz-generate a test

Once the candidate finishes the test, his results is sent by mail and will appear in your Test01Coder application, along with a report presenting a global view on the candidate but also his score for each skill.


The settings for the test you have just created will be stored in the sub-menu Generated tests, so that you can send them to other candidates when you will need to. They will receive a test set to assess the same skills, but with different questions each time.

Detailed report on an IT test taken by the candidate

The recruiter can now see the correct answers (in green) and the candidate’s answers to the IT assessment tests sent from the Test01Coder HR application in a detailed report downloadable in PDF format.

New! With just one click, you can now see the detailed report of the IT test taken by the candidate on the Test01Coder HR platform.

The detailed report on the IT test taken by the candidate allows you to see the correct answers (in green) and the answers checked by the candidate.

IT test taken

Test description available on the Test01Coder HR application

The magnifying glass offers you the possibility to learn more about the IT test of your choice: topics, job position or IT expertise field.

New! Click on the magnifying glass to read the description of the IT test

IT test taken

The test description indicates the assessed IT skills, as well as the IT expertise fields the test is suitable for.

Global ranking of the assessed candidates

You are now able to compare your candidate’s results with those of your former candidates but also with those of other developers from around the world or a specific country/city (based on a significant database), who took the same test on the Test01Coder IT skills assessment platforms.

The global ranking feature is available in our Test01Coder catalog of IT tests and from the pop-up containing the test description

The global ranking feature comes in handy if you want to quickly compare your candidate’s results with those of other candidates who took the same test. This feature is even more interesting if you decide to use Test01Coder for IT skills management or internal training assessment.

IT test taken

The global ranking graphic has been added to the synthesis report on the IT tests taken by candidates.

IT profile sourcing request

You want to consult the CVs of the IT candidates already assessed on a given category of IT tests in a certain country or city? Hundreds of developers from all around the world are daily taking a test on our platforms. Wait no more and send us a sourcing request directly on our Test01Coder HR application today!

Send us a sourcing request on our Test01Coder HR application and save time in finding the ideal IT candidate.

IT test taken

How can you know what new features are added to Test01Coder?

Whenever a new feature is added to Test01Coder, our customers are informed by e-mail or phone.

Moreover, whenever you log in to our online application, a message describing the new feature added to Test01Coder is displayed on the screen.

Example of a user message displayed when accessing the Test01Coder HR application.

IT test taken

Regular updates: new IT recruitment tests and new features

The Test01Coder HR application is regularly and automatically updated by our IT contributors and Assessment Committee. Thanks to these updates, our clients (software publishers, IT services companies, and IT recruitment agencies) can benefit from new IT recruitment tests and new features on their application.

Are you looking for anything in particular? Then, visit our IT employer branding page and contact us for a Test01Coder customized quote.

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