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Test01Coder IT quizzes and Coding tests are continuously upgraded with the help of IT consultants and experienced developers. If you have any questions or if you need custom-made pre-employment tests, fell free to ask us!

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Contributors and Assessment Committee

Andrei SAJIN

Andrei SAJIN

PHP technical expert and PHP architect

PHP expert, Andrei has a 6 year-freelance experience in developing all types of Internet sites, irrespective of their size. His curiosity has led him to study the latest technical solutions and frameworks in order to better carry out his projects.

At Pentalog, he has worked on C++ and Java projects, as well as on mobile telephony before taking over his first e-commerce projects for several years. He is now performing audit and consulting missions and participates in the deployment, administration and optimization of the PHP projects.

His areas of business expertise cover e-commerce and web publishing. For Test01Coder, Andrei defines the development of the PHP recruitment tests. He supervises the team of PHP developers who design and write the PHP quizzes, as well as the PHP coding exercises.

Sergiu TUDOR

Sergiu TUDOR

PHP technical team leader

Sergiu started PHP development 9 years ago.

For two years he worked as a PHP technical leader on a data backup solution that had PHP core webservices, a C# backup client and an ASP .NET client portal. He was in charge of integrating the software with 3rd party ERPs and Virtualization providers.

For the last two years he's been working on a major project with several million users based on PHP, and with many other technologies involved too. The current tasks include code design, code review and architecture consulting.

ÀSergiu acts now as one of the main PHP validators at Pentalog's Cluj. And he provides ideas on Coding Tests (PHP coding test, JavaScript coding test and algorithms tests).

As database engines he used MySQL, Oracle, MongoDb, SQLite and Firebird.



Java Architect

Training developer, Catalin has quickly become a technical team member with more than 10 years of experience. He has been a Java solutions architect for almost 5 years.

As a Pentalog Institute consultant, he is constantly monitoring the latest  Java/J2EE technology evolutions. He designs the architectures of the most complex projects and is always anchored in reality, alternating client projects with consulting services.

Catalin Mihalache supervises the design and writing process of the Java/J2EE quizzes and is a member of the committee in charge of validating the new quizzes.

Constantin SAMOILA

Constantin SAMOILA

Systems and Networks - Cloud and outsourcing expert

With almost 10 years of experience in infrastructure and network management, Constantin is a Pentalog Institute consultant who provides outsourcing and cloud consulting services.

He ensures the strategy, design, transition and operations for infrastructure management and Cloud client project outsourcing (deployment, migration, optimization), and puts forward his consulting, infrastructure expertise and technical assistance services.

Constantin designs IS and network recruitment quizzes for Test01Coder and is a member of the committee in charge of validating the new quizzes.



Java Technical Manager

Technical Manager at Pentalog, Eugen studied IT management. Together with Catalin Mihalache he designs and writes IT quizzes and coding tests to assess  the candidates' IT skills in Java/J2EE. Although not directly involved in the creation of coding tests, Eugen has suggested some types of exercises to be added.

Ion Parau


C / C++ / Qt Framework Architect

Training Developer, Ion is a technical team member with more than 10 years of experience. He has been a C / C++ solutions architect for almost 7 years.

He designs the architectures of the most complex projects, ranging from multi-platform data acquisition and tracing to screen sharing and multimedia, alternating client projects with consulting services. Ion Parau supervises the design and writing process of the C / C++ quizzes and is a member of the committee in charge of validating the new quizzes.



.Net Web Applications Expert

Flaviu had the first contact with MS technologies in 2000.

He started with ASP Classic and VB6 then he quickly embraced .Net technologies in 2003.
Flaviu worked mostly for web applications and his area of expertise include a lot of technologies related to the web like ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Windows Azure, JavaScript.

Flaviu is a passionate databasedeveloper. SQL Server is his preferred SGBD but he also worked with MySQL, IBM DB2, FoxPro and Oracle.
Currently Flaviu is Team Leader at Pentalog's. He manages daily team activities, offers support and organize trainings and workshops with the team.

Sébastien LOUCHART

Sébastien LOUCHART

Business Intelligence – Databases – Research & Development

Information systems architect and database expert, Sébastien is one of Pentalog Institute's best consultants. Since 2000, he has successfully carried out dozens of consulting missions in areas such as SOA, Business Intelligence, "design-to-cost" for data management systems, Agile and lean integration.

Sebastien has managed critical client projects such as IS architecture audits, as well as BI project design and implementation. His business expertise covers the following sectors: banking and finance, software publishers, e-Commerce, telecommunications, health and social care.

His ability to analyze different flows during each project phase – design, development and production – allows the optimization of the data life cycle. For Test01Coder, Sébastien has participated in the early stages of the development project regarding particularly the elaboration of a viable solution to evaluate IT skills within the developer recruitment process. He also designs Business Intelligence and database quizzes and is a member of the committee in charge of the technical validation of the new quizzes.

Frédéric CARON

Frédéric CARON

DataStage PX Technical Expert

Frédéric Caron has more than 16 years of experience, of which 14 were dedicated to working with the DataStage PX tool.

He is currently involved in the following DataStage PX missions:

  • Job optimization
  • Consulting on developments
  • Audit of DataStage PX projects
  • Training developers on advanced programming

Frédéric is now working on a project in the banking sector aiming to implement a DataStage department within a BI team.

For Test01Coder, Frédéric designs recruitment tests on DataStage PX.

Stefan BOROS

Stefan BOROS

Embedded Systems and Telecommunications

Technical leader in an embedded system project now, Stefan has more than 12 years experience in telecommunications industry. Working for big players in this industry, like Nortel Network, Avaya... helped him to gain proficiencies in RTOS and embedded C/C++.

For Test01Coder, Stefan proposed and wrote some of the embedded quizzes with different levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, experienced.



iOS Developer – Mobile Apps Expert

iOS Developer with a 5-year experience with Apple's mobile platform, Stefan joined Pentalog in 2010 where he was involved in all development phases of multiple iOS app frameworks, which were deployed worldwide, mainly in the medical sector.

Stefan was also responsible for the technical validation step along the recruitment process for iOS platform, technical consulting for other projects and development teams, providing iOS development training for students enrolled in Pentalog's formation programs.

The iOS experience has facilitated an easy switch over to Mac OS X development whenever contexts demanded it. Passionate about the mobile world, and trying to keep up with the latest tech advancements in this segment, Stefan has even dedicated his time to studying Android development. For Tes01Coder Stefan has reviewed and improved the iOS/Objective-C quizzes.



Web Development Expert

Viorica is a front-end developer at Pentalog with more than 5 years experience with html, css and javascript. She joined Pentalog in 2011 and developed numerous html5, css3 and javascript projects for one of the leading marketing agencies on the health market.

Viorica is involved in technical consulting for development processes on other Pentalog projects and is also responsible for the tehnical validation and recruitment process for front-end developers in Pentalog's Iasi agency.

For Test01Coder Viorica is designing new html and javascript recruitment quizzes and offering new ideas for updating the existing ones.

Gabriel LUPU

Gabriel LUPU

JavaScript / HTML5 / SinglePageWebapps

Gabriel started working with front-end web technologies and PHP in 2008.

After years of working with PHP and developing Drupal, Magento and web-based custom solutions, he focused only on JavaScript-related technologies such as Node.js, Grunt.js, Backbone.js, etc.

Gabriel is very passionate about modern web technologies such as LESS, JADE, modern JS libraries and build systems. Developer of a large scale single page web application, he also leads a team of 4 front-end engineers. Moreover, Gabriel is actively involved in knowledge sharing activities, attending both internal and external Pentalog-related meetings.

Assessment Project Managers

Andreea Costea

Andreea COSTEA

IT Assessment Catalog Manager

With over 4 years of experience in IT recruitment, Andreea is a graduate of Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics from the Academy of Economic Studies. During her first two years, she was in charge of recruitment missions with focus on the resumes selection and analysis.

Depending of the profile of the candidate, Andreea decided which technical tests are the most appropriate. From this, it was a natural transition to the management of our IT assessment catalog management together with database management and reporting.

She is directly involved in the development of the catalog of IT Quiz and Coding Tests: propose new technologies, manage the creations of new tests, manage the process of validation and maintenance of the catalog, with now over 400 tests available for IT recuiters. Keywords: efficiency, exigency, organization.

Developers team

Andra Stoica


Product manager

Part of Pentalog Group since 2004, Andra manages the development of all the applications used in the recruitment process within the Group and by our clients.

Having a good experience in marketing, business analysis and application design, Andra understands the clients' needs regarding the application functions, and translates these needs into specifications for the development team.

She also ensures a good workflow of the projects, starting with the planning, communication with the developers, writing the documentations, validation and delivery of the products, client presentations, ending with a continuous follow-up of each product, for a clean maintenance and evolution.

From the set of applications that Andra manages, we can mention: Test01Coder (recruitment tool used for online testing of IT professionals), Recruitment Center (a web application used for managing candidates, jobs and the recruitment process), an Extranet application that clients can use in order to manage their recruitment process, an IT Job Board, etc. As a part of Test01Coder team, Andra led the development of the application being in close contact with her colleagues that ensured the integration of the IT quiz and coding exercises.



PHP Developer

Thai has been involved in Test01Coder project since 2011. His responsibilities include the development of Test01Coder's application features, clients' requirements analysis and testing.

Technologies: PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript/, Joomla, LimeSurvey, DaXtra, Alfresco, Linux OS. Development methodology: Scrum Thai has developed Test01Coder's Back-end system, including online management of IT profiles. He provided APIs to connect the web-store with the client's online application and with the cloud system. He also made the integration of the online coding environment needed for coding tests to the recruiter's application.



PHP Developer

Thinh has been working on our It online assessment projects since 2011. His responsibilities cover the development of the features, the analysis of the clients' requirements and the tests.

Technologies: PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript/, Joomla, LimeSurvey, DaXtra, Alfresco. Development methodology: Scrum Thinh has developed Test01Coder's Back-end system, the IT profiles database management system and the web-services. He improved the online Testing system, including the integration of APIs.


Aurelia Tudor

Aurelia TUDOR

Marketing studies

Aurelia conducts monthly marketing studies, in order to improve customer experience on our range of IT skills assessment platforms in France, Eastern Europe and now on Test01Coder.

She periodically invites clients to discover new tests or to join our beta testing programs. She also publishes the top 5 most wanted tests, which shows indirectly the IT trends and the most appreciated skills in a short period.



Loredana is Marketing Specialist at Pentalog's, with 6 years of experience in Web Marketing. She is passionate about writing and her focus is on marketing content for the recruitment and IT fields. Her mind is always set on the "target audience".

Furthermore, she was Associate Lecturer within a private University in Brasov, teaching Marketing courses to the University's students.

Loredana has a strong educational base (a Marketing specialization within the Val de Marne Paris XII University from Paris, a Master’s Degree in International Affairs, European Studies and Political Science and a PhD in History" International Relations and European Studies), which gave her a multidisciplinary overview.

Chief Executive Officer




Project director and product manager for Pentalog's largest customers in the telecom sector, Marius has contributed recently to the strengthening of Pentalog's presence on the US market.

His experience in ramping up large teams for customers across various domains has enabled him to gain a valuable insight regarding the digitalization of the recruitment process and he now contributes in order to enhance the roadmap of Test01Coder.

Marius will also enable new partnerships with recruitment agencies, job boards, software publishers and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) providers, extending Test01Coder's current network of affiliates and resellers across the globe.

The ultimate online pre-employment testing tool

Test01Coder is an online IT skills assessment center dedicated to helping recruiters save time in pre-employment testing and ranking future web developers and software engineers. Tes01Coder's app is made for IT consulting, IT Services & Software Engineering, Information Systems and Consultancy companies, Software and computer services companies...

Test01Coder's back-office enables you to

  • choose among over 400 IT quizzes
  • assess developers with coding tests
  • send ready to use tests to your candidates in a few clicks
  • see the results and rank the candidates...

Test01Coder also offers a front office where your future developers can assess their IT skills through MCQ tests lasting 20 to 40 minutes. An online development environment enables your web developers to take coding tests in PHP, Java...

Our CEO develops partnerships with software publishers, job boards, IT recruitment agencies, and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) providers, and manages a network of international resellers and affiliates in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.

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