Sharing fuels collaboration in a way that no other activity can, and it is proven to be beneficial to building companies” (Sharon Steed) is our new favorite quote of the week! Ideas and knowledge are the most treasured assets we can easily share within our company and communities.

Each month, we inform you on the top 5 of the most popular technical tests. In November, almost 2 000 developers took, on average, 1 quiz or solved an AlgoPlay exercise on our platforms. Many of them chose to focus on technical tests dedicated to Java, PHP, C++ and Software testing.

top 5 november

Java is everywhere, from desktop devices and mobile phones to navigation systems and e-business solutions. You can also find it sometimes on the first position in our top 5 most popular IT tests.
The Java SE 7 medium level quiz has 15 questions that should be answered in 20 minutes.
The topics it covers range from control flow statements, literals, type inference for generic instance creation to try-with-resources statement, catching multiple exception types and re throwing exceptions with improved type checking.
You can invite your coders to try the test here.

2 PHP tests (the PHP 5.6 medium level quiz and the PHP Symfony 2.x medium level quiz) are on the 2nd and 3rd positions. Congrats to its amazing community. No matter what problem you may have, there is always someone somewhere who has already had it or is willing to help you find a solution. We have recently discovered a really interesting article on why coders enjoy PHP. Read it here or ask your developers to take the PHP tests available on the platform.

The 4th place is dedicated to C++. It was designed to assess your interns or junior C++ developers. If your junior coders have troubles in deciding which programming language they should first focus on, here’s some cool advice for them: Think Python, by Allen Downey. As he iterates, “the first step is not to learn a single programming language, but to learn computer programming in a language agnostic manner”.

Finally, the Software Testing medium level quiz closes the top 5. Did you know that the QA community is one of the most active ones? Invite your testers to participate to these Software Testing conferences.

Create a wonderful experience for your employees and don’t forget to share your knowledge among your colleagues or within communities. Your experience can be part of someone’s journey or it can even create history.