How many times did you wish for a personal sys admin? I bet that more than once, mainly when your phone or internet were not working. Also when your email client or your site were down or maybe when you did not manage to print a very important document. There was only a blue screen. The scenarios may vary, depending on the case, especially when you are in a hurry or your task list is full. The sys admin plays a very important role in your company. They represent that department you cannot perform your job at maximum speed without. You don't even notice them when everything is up and running, but their help is vital when something goes wrong.

Were you in a position to hire one? We all know that they are VIPs but let’s agree that there’s no such one-man show in IT. You need a team of specialists willing to assume risks, find solutions, test and implement. Your IT crowd should be calm and obsessively organized, able to explain the most complicated problems or architecture in simple words and always “on call”. Eager to continuously self-improve through certifications.

Well, we have already gone through that adventure, for both helpdesk and levels 2&3. Windows and Linux. In both cases, we used our test01coder app to shortlist. The tool has over 30 quizzes, meaning almost 600 questions available for creating your own SmartQuiz.

sys admin
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Let’s start with 2 real examples.

  1. System Engineer – Windows  / Linux Server

We can use: Windows Server Administrator quiz, medium level

This test evaluates the abilities of an Windows Server Administrator, intermediate level, on the Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. This test covers various subjects such as Windows Server, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, NTFS file/folder security permissions, IIS, command line tools.

Topics: Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, NTFS file/folder security permissions, IIS, command line tools.

Question sample:

 Windows Server Administrator quiz, medium level

If your operating system is Linux, then we can go with:
Linux medium level quiz

This test assesses intermediate knowledge of a Linux Administrator: installation, configuration and administration of Linux systems.


The Linux intermediate quiz includes 27 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) to be answered once and within 25 minutes.

Question sample:
Linux medium level quiz

A good system administrator should have also some scripting skills, and in order to measure that, we recommend you to try “Shell Script medium level quiz”.

This test allows to evaluate skills based on the following objectives:

  • Write shell scripts and use them to save time via automated scripts.
  • Customize shell start-up files.
  • Create nifty utilities.
  • Control administration tasks such as Linux user management, Linux system monitoring etc.

Topics: Creating power tools/utilities, Automating command input or entry, Customizing administrative tasks, Creating simple applications.

Professions involved in this test: System Administrators, Support and Application Maintenance Engineers, Production Engineers, Linux Developers.


Question sample:


It’s not easy to find the right person, with the right skills but we can help you in finding the best solutions to achieve this. And once you have the team, don’t forget to celebrate the Sys Admin Day and show your appreciation.