In recent years, more and more applications have been launched on Google Play / App Store. Since people spend a lot of times on their phones, using them in every aspect of their day to day life, online stores were forced to turn their sales strategy into a “mobile first” one, while every other service provider tries to attract and engage users with mobile games or apps.

mobile dev

This article is meant to offer you some tips and tricks confirmed by our HR consultants when recruiting Mobile developers. For them, the quizzes and the collection of questions (used to create a SmartQuiz) available on the Test01Coder platform have become indispensable tools for easier short-listings and for obtaining a perfect final result, namely integrating a new colleague within the development teams.

The search always begins with an understanding of the profile: quick research on the technology to make sure we’re speaking the same “language”, followed by an overview of the team’s personality and dynamics. Then, it’s time to focus on the proper candidate search, using the internal database or the online job boards. When the ninja recruiter finds some acceptable profiles, he starts acting like a detective. A good mobile developer must have already developed a native application and he must be active on Github or other mobile communities. We also recommend that you make a search through the apps developed by your candidates, and see what feedback they received from the community (Google Play, Apple Store, etc).

Next step? You have to approach the candidate and ask him for a proof of his talent. A good way for doing this is to send him some test invitations from Test01Coder.

The pool of questions we have available can be of great help. As a recruiter, you can either use our predefined tests, of compose your own quiz, based on the questions available on our platform.

On Test01Coder you can find 16 tests on iOS, Android, Swift and Windows 8 Metro, or 320 technical questions that you can mix following your project's needs. Not only will you receive your candidate's score (including the answers he gave to the test's questions), but you will also see how he compares to the other 3000 candidates that took mobile tests on Test01Coder.


1. Android quizzes - beginner / medium / advanced level

Topics: Activity Lifecycle, Views, Broadcast Receivers, AsyncTasks, localization, resource management, services, databases, syntax, types of data, activities, threads, notifications, scheduling, layouts, animations.

Example of a beginner level question:

 android test


2. iOS quizzes - beginner / medium / advanced level

Topics: iOS and Objective C programming language, graphics, local databases, memory management, visual elements, classes, collections, encapsulation, user interface, threads, compiler.

Example of a medium level question:

 ios medium test


 3. Windows 8 Metro medium level quiz

This test allows you to assess your Windows 8medium level skills. It is addressed to the developers that have already created their own Windows Store application.

Topics: the latest .NET framework 4.5 features for Windows Store applications, XAMLs and the general Windows 8 concepts, such as charms and live tiles.

Targeted jobs: Windows 8 developers, .NET developers

Example of question:

 windows 8 mettro

4. Swift medium level quiz

This test helps you verify your knowledge of Swift, the programming language created by Apple for iOS and OS X development.
Topics: syntax, data types, classes, struct, instructions, view controller.
Targeted jobs: iOS developers.



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