The context

Over the course of the last 8 years, we’ve ran hundreds of experiments aiming to understand and support the members of the IT&C community in their professional endeavors.

It’s their desire to understand their current technical level, align their expectations accordingly and further improve their skills, which drives more than 15000 developers worldwide to our websites, on a monthly basis, in order to try one of the tests in our catalog: software development, QA, infrastructure & networks, digital marketing, foreign languages, numerical logic & algorithm thinking.

Furthermore, over 150 companies and educational organizations are performing more than 20.000 technical evaluations via our platforms, yearly. Recently, we’ve on-boarded our first customers from South Africa, Madagascar and New Zeeland. They are joining an exclusive club of businesses across the globe that are using our existing benchmark of 180.000 test results, in order to understand how their own candidates or employees perform in interviews.

WHY the rebranding?

Skill Value - we learn together

We are launching one trademark to encompass all our services, everywhere: SkillValue. As we move forward, not only will we remain the only providers in the world who offer both types of tests (MCQ and coding) in both English and French, but we are translating our catalog in Spanish (almost done), German and Portuguese. However, we will no longer maintain separate sites with separate branding for each country and activity. We have signed a partnership with the top tier psychometric test provider,, in order to serve more customers across the globe with a bundle solution. We have also moved forward with a partnership in Brazil, which will open our way to the South American market.

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