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Pre-employment testing with IT Quiz

Test01Coder online IT assessment has been designed to offer recruiters the perfect solution for candidate and skills management in order to speed the recruitment process of IT profiles.

Test01Coder helps recruiters assess IT candidates

Test01Coder is used to assess the technical skills of computer specialists, web developers, and software engineers. Test01Coder can also be used to assess the employees' technical level in order to offer the matching trainings them or to assign them to a new project requiring specific IT skills.

Over 400 tests

Test01Coder allows a thorough and fair assessment of the candidates and employees' qualification level thanks to its catalog of over 400 IT quizzes and coding tests, organized by level (beginner, medium, advanced) and by technologies:

The recruitment tests offered by Test01Coder consist of MCQ to solve within a limited time and coding exercises, both in an online cloud-based development environment. Test01Coder requires no installation whatsoever as all tests can be accessed with a simple internet browser.

The assessment process is very simple

  1. The candidate or the employee receives an email invitation to take a test (customized email by the recruiter), with a secure login link and a quiz time limit in order to avoid any risk of cheating.
  2. Once the candidate has finished the test, both the candidate and the recruiter automatically receive an email containing the candidate's test score. 
  3. Therefore, Test01Coder is a simple and efficient method to quickly identify the best profiles and to prioritize the interviews with the best potential candidates.

See how it works

Fair testing of IT profiles

Test01Coder's IT quizzes and coding exercises are created by specialists from different domains and audited by an expert committee. The expert committee establishes whether the difficulty of the questions corresponds to the quiz level, or if the given time limit allows a minimum of 20% people to finish the test.

These tests are then published online for a first candidate assessment period before being permanently included in Test01Coder catalog. The tests are regularly reviewed according to the evolution of technology and to the IT recruiters' new requests. This way, we are able to renew the entire catalog over a period of 2 years, as well as to add more tests on a permanent basis.

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