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IT Skills management

You can easily integrate the Test01Coder IT assessment platform in your HR processes and skills management tools.
PMJS (Provisional Management of Jobs and Skills) is an enterprise development tool. Test01Coder can help you objectively assess your collaborators' theoretical knowledge.
As far as NICT are concerned, IT companies, software publishers and services companies must always rely on human resources and technical skills necessary for the accomplishment of IT projects: web, mobile applications, business intelligence ...

it assessment catalog

Skills management with Test01Coder

With Test01Coder, you are now able to import your collaborator databases, as well as your candidates and developer interns pools.

Thanks to our catalog of more than 400 IT tests available as MCQ and programming exercises you can organize, with just a few clicks, theoretical knowledge assessment test sessions before or after training, on the new programming languages, for instance.

See our software publisher success story.

Last but not least, tests can be downloaded in PDF format.

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