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New IT recruitment tests in the SkillValue HR application

Create an account now (free trial here) and access our brand new IT recruitment tests! Based on technical skills assessment, these tests are available directly in the Test01Coder HR application. Even more important, our online HR application requires no installation whatsoever! Its updates (new features, new tests) are entirely automated.

Our team of contributors regularly adds new IT tests to Test01Coder in order to meet the needs of our clients (software publishers, IT services companies and IT recruitment agencies).

New IT tests are now available!

Below is the list of the new IT tests recently added to Test01Coder.

To access an IT test free of charge, create an account, then choose the test you want from our free trial Test01Coder online application.

Our counselors are always at your service for a Test01Coder customized demo. For more information, contact us!

Types of added tests: IT MCQ tests and coding exercises

Our IT quizzes available as MCQs cover both theoretical questions on different frameworks, programming languages, etc. and practical questions that involve code understanding and interpretation of results. The assessed candidate has to take the test within a limited time frame (between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the test).

The coding exercises are available online on Test01Coder coding subscription and Test01Coder coding credits.

How can you see the test description in the Test01Coder application?

Once logged in to the Test01Coder application, click on [Send MCQ tests] on the left side menu bar. It will display the catalog of available IT tests.

Test01Coder contains almost 400 ready to use IT MCQ quizzes.

Click on the magnifying glass. It will display the test description.

The test description indicates the assessed IT skills, as well as the IT expertise fields the test is suitable for.

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