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Reseller Program

Become a reseller of Test01Coder in your city or your country

Test01Coder is the best way to enhance the candidate experience during the recruitment process.

What is the Test01Coder Reseller Program?

The Test01Coder Reseller Program is a way to offer a new candidate experience to your customers and gain a complementary revenue for your company. It is organized for local market animation and to enhance your product offer.

Is this program for you?

You are HR software editor, a Jobboard, a Recruitment Agency. You want to address the specific domain of IT candidates. You want to offer to your customer a new recruitment experience. Test01Coder is the best way to offer an added value to the recruitment process in IT.

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Why assess candidates or employees?

It is the best way to offer an added value to the recruitment process and to help in the selection of the best candidates. It is very important in IT domains because technologies are changing regularly. Also, it is an open market in which you can hire a programmer from every where in the world perhaps with a different knowledge repository. So, you need to assess objectively the IT skills.
Furthermore, it is a good way to rank the level of your teams with the level of the community. By this way, you can organize training and enhance the delivery quality of your teams.

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How does Test01Coder work?

Test01Coder is online. You can assess IT skills either with quizzes or with coding exercises. This is with different level of difficulties and in a limited time. You can choose among a catalog of 400 quizzes and coding exercises.

Results come instantly at the end of the passed tests and you rank candidates directly to a better selection. The ranking is also global with the community.
To enhance, recruitment branding and focus your recruitment on skills, you integrate it in your job page.

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Why partner with us?

With this reseller program, you can complete your product range and generate new revenue for your company.
You can come with your own leads and we can provide you with some leads we consider they need a local support.
You manage your pool of customers.
You receive a commission on subscription or credits between 20% and 45% in dependence of volume and the origin of the lead.
You gain also commission on customization fees.
Also, if you use it for your own purpose, you can 40% on the price. See price list 

How does Test01Coder Reseller Program work?

We provide you with a global marketing we do on our own brand and we redirect potential leads to you.
We train you to use and make demo of the application.
We offer you the possibility to use the brand in your own e-mailing.
We support you on the first sales until you gain autonomy.
You receive regularly information about new functionalities.
You enter the Users Club where you can propose new functionalities, new quiz or coding exercises.

Contact us  to receive the full description of the Test01Coder Reseller Program!

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