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As 2021 unveils new challenges, it’s becoming more and more clear that an always-be-prepared, keeping up-to-date approach is the norm. Stay present and get a glance into the future of the tech industry, by exploring our Tech Trends 2021 eBook.

This report is provided by Pentalog, the digital service platform SkillValue is part of, and has been launched in partnership with Tech.Rocks, a French Think Tank bringing together the Tech Leader community around tech&digital innovation.

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What to Expect from 2021 in terms of Technology Trends

This eBook includes insights to help decision-making and put new innovations in the IT industry into perspective:

  • APIs and Low Code to expand product capabilities
  • Data-driven technology and data stewardship
  • Disruptors in the cloud era
  • DevOps, Infrastructure as Code and serverless architecture
  • Popular tools and technologies for faster and more secure web applications
Learn more about Technology Trends for the year 2021 from Cornel Fatulescu, Chief Platform Officer, Vasile Putina, Software Factory CTO, and Guillaume Pousseo, Chief Customer DevOps Services Officer, the authors of this eBook.

Tech Trends 2021 Ebook – Access now

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