100% of our Freelance Back-End Developers in London are selected by our CTOs


Back-end developers are everywhere in London, and everyone wants their help. In this environment, recruiting not just for knowledge and experience, but also for vision alignment and fit is a must. And, the effort to coordinate recruiting at such a targeted level means you have to optimize your time spent. Not every organization is equipped to do all of this perfectly: developers very seldom work in human resources, and it takes that experience to recruit back-end developers successfully. Fortunately, we can help.

# Defining challenges & finding solutions

Recruiting with SkillValue, you will receive a high-touch service fully tailored to your company needs and your product’s technical requirements. Our CTO will work with you to determine your project architecture and outline your communication style, so that during the recruitment process, these will be taken into account when filtering freelancers from our network. We value your time and effort, so all potential recruits will given a full breakdown of your project so that only the right people are selected to join your team.


 SkillValue’s CTO interviews candidates and assesses for skill to create your developer shortlist, helping you connect with truly talented individuals.


#London: innovation hotspot in the heart of Europe.

UK’s capital is known for its dynamic tech and business sectors. London is home to 4,000+ startups, 50+ workspaces and 90+ investor, and this year was named in KPMG’s 2019 Innovation Technology Hubs report the 3rd most promising global tech hub alongside New York and Beijing.

London’s universities are in the top 10 of the US News & World Report Best Global University Rankings, and as a result the city is full of talented young individuals from all over the globe.

  • In 2018, London invested £1.8B in tech, the highest among all other European capitals.
  • Seedcamp, Europe’s largest accelerator, provided over $2B to 300+ startups.

British co-working spaces like the Dock are in the top 10 of all coworking spaces in the world.



Through our SaaS recruiting platform SkillValue, we identify freelancers with skills relevant to your project. That’s not all – our CTO personally evaluates each back-end development freelancer, covering all relevant skills: programming, frameworks, and back office management. Prior to hiring, you get an accurate and complete evaluation of each developer’s compatibility with your team, project, and technical needs.

#1st IT Skills Assessment Platform

SkillValue has over 600 technical test spanning quizzes & coding exercises) and over 30,000 questions that cover more than 160 technical skills, with the option to create and customize your own tests.

Within 30 minutes of your test posting to SkillValue, a freelancer in London will pass and you will immediately start the matching process. The platform shows you any cheating attempts, freelancer response time, dropouts and exits.

How much does a freelance back-end developer cost ?


The Average Daily Rate (ADR) of a freelance back-end developer in London is approximately 595 € depending on the profile and the experience of the specialist. To freelancer’s ADR in London SkillValue adds 15% as its commission.

Below you can find average rates of freelance developers in London:

Level of experienceADR of a Back-End Developer
0-2 years€305
2-7 years€515
7+ years€550


Want to compare the price of a freelance Back-End project with the prices of Front-End outsourcing? Ask for the price list here.

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