100% of our Freelance Back-End Developers are Selected by Our CTOs


SkillValue is committed to recruiting top-quality back-end developers for your project. Attempting to recruit professionals with the right combination of skills on a specific project within a limited time frame is an uphill battle that’s easy to lose.

Especially when it comes to the capabilities needed for the back-end, such as programming, database management (SQL, Python, PHP, Ruby), and configuration, implementation, maintenance, and development of your server, choosing the right partner is critical.

Our CTOs match freelancers with projects that match their skill sets, guaranteeing you a qualified and responsible partner with relevant experience who understands all the dimensions of your project.

Only Certified Freelance Back-End Developers


Our SaaS assessment platform with over 600 tests allows us to evaluate candidates’ individual technical skills and profile them according to their respective skill sets, competencies, and overall experience to facilitate the recruitment process.

In addition to this, our CTO personally analyzes the profiles of all back-end freelancers prior to placement. All selected developers will have a range of skills relevant to your project, whether it’s programming, frameworks and/or back office management – skills that were acquired during tech-related education and training. And, the skill sets and levels of each candidate are rated before they are integrated into your tech team.


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How Much Does a Freelance .NET Developer Cost?


Our Freelance Back-End developers’ rates depend on two main factors: the candidate’s actual experience (junior or senior profile) and their range of programming skills. Profiles of candidates with extensive knowledge of less-common languages, like Python or Ruby, in addition to a strong background in project management, will be able to claim higher rates.


Level of experience ADR Freelance Back-End
0-2 years 305 €
2-7 years 515 €
7+ ans 550 €


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