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Companies looking for tech talent usually fail to find skilled candidates quickly and verify their skills. Without both, recruiting becomes a long and painful ordeal, as the time a company dedicates to recruiting is less time dedicated to their products, lengthening their time-to-market.


SkillValue recruits your tech talent so you don’t have to, letting you concentrate on your core business. Our recruiting platform gets you the Manchester talent you need, as soon as you need it. Once having analyzed your needs, project and purpose, our CTO recruits candidates from the SkillValue developer community, testing them with technical assessments to determine their individual abilities to finish the project in question. We also test for soft skills such as teamwork, dedication, and logic.

“We assess candidates’ qualifications, too.”

#Manchester: A Diamond in the Rough

If the United Kingdom is a country known for its royal history, beer and business tourism, Manchester is just as famous for its sporting heritage. Yet just as impressive as its citizens’ love of sports is the dedication of its techies to their craft. Manchester is the second largest technology hub outside of Manchester. Develop your mobile application overlooking the Hanging Bridge, work on the redesign of a site outside the Lowry, near Granada Studios, or create an MVP near with a view of Manchester Cathedral – only Manchester can offer such rich landmarks to stimulate creativity and innovation.

  • 5th place as UK’s most entrepreneurial city
  • Financial Times-ranked Top UK Tech Hub of Tomorrow
  • 20 coworking spaces, 3 incubators, 2 accelerators
  • 810+ active startups that received in total $7,000,000+ in funding last year

SkillValue Only Recruits Certified Freelance Developers in Manchester


Our SkillValue recruiting platform is powered by experienced CTOs who match Manchester freelancers only with 100% skill-compatible projects. This is only done after each successful candidate is assessed on his/her technical skills, such as:

  • Proficiency in programming languages (Java, PHP, Python, SQL)
  • In-depth knowledge of frameworks (Laravel, .NET, Ruby on Rails)
  • Ease with databases (MongoDB, SQL Server DBA)

#A Top IT Evaluation Platform

SkillValue utilizes over 600 IT tests, including quizzes and coding exercises, as well as over 30,000 questions covering more than 160 technical skills. Once you start working with us, you can also create and customize your own tests.

In less than 30 minutes, a freelancer in Manchester will pass your technical evaluation, and you’ll be forwarded the results immediately. With SkillValue, you can also measure cheat attempts, response times, dropouts and exits.

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