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The title of Digital Consultant falls into the category of a new wave of cutting edge jobs that have recently emerged as a powerful marketing tool – with the proliferation of all things digital.

The job? Master and juggle the different technologies and tools of the web to develop a personalized digital strategy for your client. But, don’t panic if you haven’t quite found the professional who can wear all these proverbial tech hats.

A SkillValue CTO will search, assess and recruit a digital consultant who can add the right ingredients to your marketing mix and help you increase your digital presence.

A look into the role of Digital Consultant

The responsibilities of a digital consultant can be summarized as follows:

  • Audit of the existing system to obtain an image of the site at the moment
  • Development of the digital strategy
  • Implementation of the strategy approved by the client

(Keep in mind this is only a very brief overview of the profession and the skills required.)

Solid Technical Skills

Contrary to popular belief, digital consultants don’t just advise their clients and step back.

In reality, they must monitor the results of their recommendations on a daily basis, measure KPIs or coordinate actions between everyone involved in their action plan such as community managers, developers, brand content managers and designers – to name a few.

Additionally, competitive intelligence is a crucial part of any digital consultant’s responsibilities. Part of their job is to keep up to date with new practices in order to better address client needs and help maintain their position on the market. To do this successfully, they must have solid technical skills and real knowledge in the field to make the most informed decisions on their clients’ behalf.

Doubled with a Dose of Interpersonal Savvy

In addition to technical skills, a digital consultant must also possess soft skills such as the ability to communicate effectively, respond to client needs and adapt to change.

Here are just a few examples of how soft skills are exercised in the day-to-day activities of a Digital Consultant:

#Transparent communication with the client and any specialists included in the strategy

#Knowledge to clearly articulate expectations, results or changes in direction

#Responsiveness by adjusting the different marketing levers according to observed results or changes (change of algorithm, for example)

#Organization of the various marketing actions for a smooth and streamlined process

#Social media, KPI analysis tools, website, mobile version, redesign and migration, artificial intelligence, IU/UX design.

A digital consultant must demonstrate technical knowledge, but also hindsight to adapt the strategy according to the results or the evolution of the tools; this will be ensured by the SkillValue CTO when recruiting.

Certified Freelance Digital Consultants Only


However innovative it may be, the success of a digital product depends strongly on its web presence. A collaboration with SkillValue offers you the opportunity to take advantage of our CTO’s expertise. Focus on your business. Leave the recruitment and evaluation of a certified freelance digital consultant to our trusted teams.

Each request is processed individually by a SkillValue CTO. After evaluating your needs, objectives, budget and deadlines, they select profiles that match your mission, from our private community of over 40,000 freelancers.

Depending on the skills required, the candidate will be administered online tests to assess his or her technical skills and ensure they will be immediately operational as soon as they are brought on for the project.

Social marketing, databases, machine learning, big data, front/back-end development. Our SaaS platform has 1,000+ IT tests on over 160+ different IT skills.

Technical evaluations are followed by one or more technical validation interviews to ensure that the freelance digital consultant will be able to adapt to your environment and embrace your company’s philosophy.

How much does it cost to hire a Freelance Digital Consultant?


The Average Daily Rate of a digital consultant freelance is about €548, depending on their profile and experience. In addition to the average daily rate of the freelance digital consultant, there is a 15% commission for SkillValue.

The table shows the average rates observed according to experience:

Years of ExperienceAverage Daily Rate
0-2 years120 to 510 €
2-7 years120 to 610 €
+7 years150 to 1210 €

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