100% of our freelance .NET developers in Manchester are selected by our CTOs


From the very beginning of your collaboration, a dedicated CTO will lend you a hand in outlining your project needs. Each project is different, so we will screen & test all potential freelance .Net Developers in Manchester to find the most appropriate professional. They can be tested on:

  • Libraries and frameworks, like .NET Core, ASP.NET, MVC, or Entity Framework;
  • Databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL
  • Client-side web development technologies
  • Cloud platforms such as MS Azure

Many choose the .NET framework because it is:

  • Reliable – applications built with this framework run for longer
  • High performing – applications run faster
  • Secure – the framework can handle the security of applications
  • Easily manageable – running or even deploying applications is simple

Manchester: UK’s leading destination for foreign investment

Manchester can compete only with London when referring to the community of businesses & startups, several tech initiatives and hubs. It is seen as the 2nd largest creative & tech hub in the UK.

Multiple unicorns that value more than $1 billion each reside in this 5th most populous English district.

World-leading universities like the University of Manchester supply businesses with a steady flow of talented graduates.

How much does a freelance .NET developer cost in Manchester?


We think that businesses don’t need to pay excessive prices to hire qualified freelance .NET developers in Manchester.

SkillValue makes available to you a range of .NET developers with different rates, junior profiles with hiring costs of £300 per day and senior developers at a rate of £550-£600 per day. Choose the option that fits you best!


Do you want to have certified Freelance .NET Developers on your project?

There are 600+ IT quizzes & coding exercises covering 160+ tech subjects on our SaaS assessment platform, therefore we can evaluate with high accuracy soft & hard skills of various freelance .NET Developers. One of the 26,600+ .NET developers in our database can help your project go to the next level.

Have you ever considered assessing your in-house professionals? It’s the right time! On our platform, you can create your own SmartQuiz or choose from one of our IT tests available.

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