100% of our freelance Node.js developers in Manchester are selected by our CTOs


Node.js, a JavaScript open server environment, is a popular technology for developing server-side and networking applications. Some of its main advantages:

  • High scalability
  • Consumes less time in the working process
  • No need to hire separate developers for backend & frontend
  • Possibility to develop both apps & software

This server-side technology can be an appropriate option for many businesses that provide to their customers streaming services, social networks or even online shops.

Considering the broad nature of responsibilities that Node.js Developers have, SkillValue CTOs will make sure to find only freelance Node.js developers in Manchester with matching experience & skills. After a rigorous selection process, candidates will pass a SkillValue IT Assessment that will help us confirm the skills they listed on CVs.

When all is said and done, based upon results of the IT Assessment our CTOs will hold interviews with those who have the highest scores.

Manchester: a variety of digital areas with emerging growth opportunities  

Manchester has been carrying for some time the title of the 2nd biggest UK tech hub after London and this year is no exception.

Almost 40% out of 510,000+ Manchester citizens have a Certificate of Higher Education or a corresponding qualification.

Besides, in 2018 there were twice as many startups as in previous years, which is a sure sign that the Manchester tech cluster has been growing at an accelerated pace for some time now.

The city’s tech sector is ahead of the game and generates £3 billion every year.

How much does a freelance Node.js developer cost in Manchester?


All clients want to pay a fair price, that’s why we have outlined rates for freelance Node.js developers in Manchester. Based on experience, rates will very.

For a junior developer the rate will be of about £300 per day, while for senior Node.js developers you will pay £550-£600 per day.


Ready for our Certified Freelance Node.js Developers to join your team?

The private community of SkillValue includes 400 000+ assessed technical & digital specialists using our 600+ IT quizzes & exercises. We can measure soft skills in addition to the technical ones, this way we gain a more accurate picture. Depending on your needs, SkillValue can also test developers on:

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript languages
  • Ivy, Meteor, Derby, Sails.js frameworks
  • Gulp, Grunt bundlers

Our database boasts 920+ Node.js Developers with various experience and skill levels. If you value time & quality above all, SkillValue is your trusted partner. Leverage our CTOs’ expertise and the capabilities of our IT recruitment tools to find profiles that best match your needs.

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