100% of our freelance Python developers in Manchester are selected by our CTOs


At SkillValue our CTOs act as facilitators in the hiring process as they are the ones who find competent freelance developers in Manchester for you. 600+ IT quizzes & coding exercises on our SaaS assessment platform are available to assist you in the evaluation process.

Python leads rankings of the most popular programming languages for a reason:

  • It has a simple syntax
  • It is a cost-effective solution for small & medium companies
  • It is widespread & efficient
  • It is fast and efficient thanks to its object-oriented design

Manchester: Emerging centre for innovation & digital growth

Manchester has already declared itself the second-biggest tech platform in the UK. The University of Manchester has one of the most complex Computer Science programs in the country.

It is home to various unicorns that value more than $1 billion each, in addition to the tech sector generating £3 billion every year.

In 2018 the number of Manchester startups doubled in comparison to the year before.

How much does a freelance Python developer cost in Manchester?


For a client it is more convenient to know an outlined rate, that’s why at SkillValue right from the start you will have all the information regarding costs.

Junior profiles have a rate of about £300 per day, while senior developers charge an average of £550-£600 per day. It’s up to you to choose the right option for your project!


Have you considered recruiting only Certified Freelance Python Developers?

Tests on the SkillValue platform cover 160+ tech skills as part of 600+ IT quizzes & coding exercises. We know that only the most competent developers should be working on your missions, so we test hard & soft skills of all candidates to make sure you have access to well-trained professionals. 1,490+ Python developers in our database are ready to take on your next project.

These professionals cover a rich tech stack:

  • Web frameworks (Django, Flask, Pyramid etc)
  • Cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud etc)
  • DevOps tools (such as Chef, Ansible or SaltStack)
  • Data Science libraries (Pandas, Matplotlib or Numpy)
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Machine Learning etc.

If you want to test developers on specific topics, you can create your personalized SmartQuiz or choose from one of our IT quizzes and coding exercises available.

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