100% of our freelance React developers in Manchester are selected by our CTOs


Recruiting professionals with relevant expertise is not an easy task to complete. Collaboration with SkillValue is a guarantee that selected Freelance React Developers in Manchester will match your project needs.

React is one of the most loved frameworks and it stands to reason. This framework has significant advantages:

  • Writing components is easier
  • It’s more efficient and easier to maintain in the future
  • The code is stable
  • The design pattern is the same for web & mobile application
  • It is used by companies of any size, from startups and SMEs to large corporations

Manchester: An innovative hub for digital & tech professionals

In the last couple of years, Manchester has reached such a high level of development that, of all UK’s major tech hubs, it can be outrun only by London. So, why is Manchester an ideal place for business? Manchester is a fertile ground for business and an attractive spot for freelancers for a couple of reasons:

  • A rich and diverse talent pool
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Global connectivity
  • Opportunities for cross-industry collaboration

25% of the most promising tech firms in the North are Manchester residents. Meanwhile, tech initiatives in the city generate £3 billion every year.

How much does a freelance React developer cost in Manchester?


Hiring freelance React developers might be confusing as often you do not have all the relevant information regarding their rates. Therefore we, at SkillValue, have outlined costs for hiring all professionals that depend on their skills & experience.

To start working with a Junior Developer the rate will be about £300 per day and senior developers can be hired at a rate of £550-£600 per day.


Ready to choose one of our Certified Freelance React Developers for your project?

We rely on a private community of 690+ React Developers to identify skilled talent matching your expectations and company culture.

During the evaluation, SkillValue studies hard & soft skills, this way it’s possible to create the most complex profile of each candidate and determine the best fit for your mission.

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