100% of our Security Experts are Selected by SkillValue CTOs


With the digitization of the world around us, cybersecurity has become a high profile issue in the face of the proliferation of online criminals and their increasingly creative mischief.

In order to anticipate counter attacks and offer solid protection to your IS, you need an IT Security Expert.

At SkillValue, we will deploy our HR and technical resources to find the right Security Expert for you.

As your intermediary, a CTO will collect all the information they need including your project specs, goals, constraints and the characteristics of your company before browsing SkillValue’s private community over 500,000 developers.

Each candidate is assessed on their technical knowledge and savvy before having a candid interview with the CTO in question and SkillValue. During the interview process, a CTO will work to identify the innate qualities that will determine if applicants are aligned with your workstyle and company culture.

#Roles & Responsibilities of a Security Expert

  • Managing a company’s security systems
  • Anticipating & preparing for possible attacks on computer systems
  • Deploying strategies in the event of a system attack to, mitigate damage, fix vulnerabilities and enhance security

#Qualities of a Successful Security Expert Freelance

A good security expert must demonstrate a mastery of the technological tools and qualities that are a blend of expertise and innate knowledge.

As far as skills are concerned, they must be able to conduct an IS audit and, according to the results, deploy a strategy to guarantee company security, establish scenarios in case of attacks and their solutions, monitor the evolution of devices and communicate with employees, service providers and other relevant stakeholders.

Qualities aside, the security expert freelance must be equipped with rigor, an analytical and logical spirit to establish diagnoses and recommendations, to be responsive in unforeseen circumstances, stay curious about new technologies and a desire to improve their own performance.

Strategic thinking and good communication skills are required to better articulate their work and educate employees about everyday computer security.

Only Certified Freelance Security Experts


Recruiting a qualified and trusted professional takes time as well as the right tools to better validate the skills outlined on an applicants’ CV. SkillValue CTO’s are seasoned and have the experience you need in recruiting and evaluating IT freelancers.

Our SaaS platform has 1,000+ technical assessments in English and French covering over 160 different technological skills including relevant tests to assess security experts on their skills in information security architecture, risk management, encryption and security controls.

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Whether you’re looking for a security expert for a short or long-term project, do not hesitate to share it with the SkillValue CTOs by detailing it below so they can get back to you quickly with the right profile.

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