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Over a decade of successfully recruiting has taught us that our job goes beyond just filling a position. By continuously experimenting to improve our practices, we have learned that every project requires a different approach. Finding the best fit for each client and candidate is the key to a long-term & efficient collaboration.

100% matching is our goal!

Hire Top Developers. Assess Tech Skills. Reduce your Time to Hire.


Why Choose Us?


Start-ups, software publishers, innovation department of large groups – SkillValue is the partner that helps you assess and hire your tech and digital team.

SkillValue’s Service Performance:

  • 500 clients worldwide
  • 400,000 developers and IT specialists are a part of our online community
  • 1 candidate out of 4 interviewed = hired by our clients
  • 6 weeks = average time to fill in an open position
  • More than 5,000 developers assess their skills on our platform each month

Head Hunting


Our team, besides being excellent in sourcing and interviewing candidates, also has the ability to understand the technical needs of our clients.

We recruit a wide range of technical profiles such as: software developers, system engineers, big data, QA, BI, database administrators, IoT, machine learning, UI/UX, marketing automation, etc.

You haven’t found the right profile, yet?


Building a Great Tech Team Fast and Easy


What makes us different?

  • We have an eye for top talent and how to value their skills
  • Recruiters in our team have a strong technical background
  • We can technical evaluate the candidates during the IT recruitment process
  • We are transparent
  • We have an Agile mindset
  • We use alternative methods of talent sourcing, with a global reach

How do we accelerate your IT recruitment process?

– Head hunting
– Freelancing
– Tech skill assessment
– Community engagement

We can assess a wide range of IT skills through our vast assessment platform. This process allows you to save precious time and hire faster.


We value what really matters

With 11+ years of experience in IT recruitment, 500+ recruitments per year, and a team of more than 30 HR specialists worldwide, we are constantly adapting to meet your challenges.

  • Balanced mix of ingredients for a unique end-to-end HR experience
  • Rich and up-to-date tech stack
  • Experience in evaluating hard and soft skills

Let’s talk about your recruitment needs.

Trusted partner of IT and Digital businesses worldwide

Aside from technical skills we also pay attention to soft skills and we are doing our best to find those candidates that will fit well in your teams and company culture.

You will also:

  • Hire quicker and better
  • Identify the best candidates
  • Improve the pre-screening process
  • Engage your IT community

Your Full-Stack Tech & Digital Partner


Pentalog SkillValuePentalabbs

When entrusting SkillValue your IT recruitment project, you get plugged into the full ecosystem of digital services available through the Pentalog platform.

  • A wide spectrum of services including product design, UX/UI, software engineering, digital marketing, Agility consulting, and innovation financing
  • A worldwide team of 1,100 full-time engineers
  • Over two decades of experience in digital product development and IT Outsourcing


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