Code against time!

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    Coding Challenge - Code against time

    πŸ†The winner is: Kyle J., USA

    Congrats to all the participants!

    ⏰ The clock is ticking! ⏰

    Is the beginning of the end.

    Wars are destroying the cities and killing thousands of innocent people. But you, along with a group of scientists must find a way to turn back time and change their fate. To restore peace, you must decipher the code and gain access to the time machine as fast as possible.

    Are you ready to be the hero this planet needs?

    Solve the exercise in JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, C or Java and save the world from total destruction.
    And guess what? Saving the world is not the only gift, your efforts will be rewarded with an Amazfit A1612R Pace GPS Running Smartwatch.

    Read the Terms & Conditions here.

    Code against time!
    Starts on October 30 - Ends on December 03

    Code against Time
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    Given a list of possible keys, find the right key and help the group of scientists.