PHP BattleRap Challenge

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    Coding Challenge - PHP Battle Rap

    The winners are:

    Norbert Nagy
    Lucian Hangea
    Valeriu Condrea
    Alin Ameiroaie

    Congratulations to all the participants!

    “Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    We really love PHP,

    And we’re pretty sure that so do you.”

    Ok, ok, we admit we might not be the best at writing lyrics, but we definitely are top notch when it comes to PHP programming and since you’re here, you probably love PHP as much as we do. So come, join our new exciting PHP-focused coding competition!

    THE CHALLENGE? Pick your side – Drupal or Symfony – and then start your PHP freestyle rap battle: write an algorithm which is able to detect pattern types in a poem based on the instructions listed below.

    THE CATEGORIES? You can enroll in any of the competition’s two categories: Drupal or Symfony. You can solve both challenges, too, but please keep in mind that you can only be declared “winner” once, even if you obtain the best score in both categories. Therefore, you cannot obtain more than one prize per this entire competition.

    THE PRIZES? The best entry in each category gets to win a really cool combo: 1 ticket at DrupalCamp Transylvania 2017 + 1 ticket at DrupalCon 2017 Vienna.

    Ready to PHP battle rap?

    Read the in full the Terms & Conditions and enter the competition now!

    Drupal level

    Start this challenge by taking the Drupal quiz and continue by writing in PHP an algorithm able to detect pattern types in a series of lyrics based on 4 patterns.

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    Drupal level

    Join this category by taking the Symfony quiz and then continue your PHP rap battle with an algorithm able to detect 4 pattern types in a poem.

    Go Play